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Monvieve meets the bridal world at the forefront of the fashion landscape. Founded in Designer RTW and Couture, Monvieve celebrates bridal as a composite of lifestyle, culture and emotion and delivers deeply artistic and visually informed collections in support of the modern, high fashion bride.
We are based in New York and Milan.
All of our collections are fully made by hand in Italy and France.
At Monvieve we exemplify the principles of slow fashion and our very ethos of ‘heirloom’ is rooted in the circular economy. We work with those in the industry who provide the highest environmental and transparency standards, and have partnered with the National Forest Foundation to offset our carbon footprint. For every accessory we sell, we plant a tree. It’s a hallmark of our commitment to sustainability and our climate pledge to you.
Simply stated: a bridal veil is the one accessory where it is easy to distinguish between qualities. We work with the finest silks and custom proprietary blends; the fluidity of the fabrications express qualitative luxury. The cascade of softness falling around a bride creates exquisite beauty, and how it lays over her face (and photographs) speaks volumes. We use elite mills from the best manufacturing districts in the world. Silks out of Como, Italy and laces from Calais-Caudry, France that are woven on storied Leavers looms. Taken together… the extraordinary Chantilly, fine silk organza and custom blended tulle become the very statement of timeless, refined elegance grounded in quality and heritage.
Our design vernacular is greatly influenced by couture technique and style. Our lace is meticulously hand cut, pieced and basted to our proprietary tulle before being permanently secured with very fine stitching. Nothing is appliquéd on top of the tulle, but rather joined at the seams, resulting in one piece of fabrication. It allows for a more diaphanous product, with every detail calibrated to enrich within one continuous plane. The result is breathtaking… silken in feeling and gossamer-thin in appearance.
Depending on the veil, our artisans that do this work can take up to a month to produce one piece. Veils that utilize our calling card intarsia technique (where two or more laces are combined with the intricate design working its way throughout the majority of the veil) can take upwards of eight weeks once we receive our laces from France.
Maintaining complete creative discretion to source, design and manufacture with exclusive resources and master artisans, possibilities are endless and customization is a common request. Every piece is fully made to order, and a custom veil or headpiece from start to finish usually requires 2-4 months to complete.


Start at the beginning… with what you have always dreamed of. If you had always envisioned a cathedral then jump in there. Modern style is equal parts you + equal parts discovery. As you consider the possibilities, revel in the knowledge that real fashion moments are never contrived, but rather deeply felt. When something is right you’ll just know. Be bold and open to the possibilities. In the end, true style is found in the unexpected and the right veil or headpiece will absolutely transform your gown and elevate your game.

When a bride walks into our intimate atelier, we invite her to kick back and relax. She has the showroom to herself and can try on endless veils + accessories of varying styles to refine her bridal dressing. This is her celebration of discovery. A veil or headpiece is often the biggest unknown as it’s a new experience for most women. The showroom provides that central moment to curate the most personal of looks in the most relaxed of atmospheres.
We service brides around the world. For them, having the possibility of developing a veil or headpiece through our consultation service is a wonderful option. They speak directly with the creative director who helps to map out their vision with references, imagery, and as many conversations as needed. She firmly believes that the process of selecting a bridal accessory is as unique as the women she has the honor of working with.

The primary difference between a veil and headpiece is really quite simple. Although you can wear a veil in the most modern of ways, it remains a powerful symbol that holds the gravitas of history at its very core. It commands respect. It will also make you feel differently: a veil is utterly enchanting. You will be amazed at how captivating it is as you move, beguiling with every step. The softness, the romance, the beauty… it is for the discerning bride that wants to be part of this continuum on her own terms.
A headpiece is decidedly the route less travelled that defies this heartfelt and time-honored tradition. Yet, it can be equally exiting and emotive… and provide for a superlative fashion moment. Straight off the runway, the headpiece collection speaks volumes about haute couture. Chic and sophisticated, they are intended for the modern bride who wishes to present herself as breathtakingly au courant in all manners of style.

Just be open and prepared to welcome the promise of the unknown. Real style is often found in the unexpected. Real style is yours to discover.

If you are coming here before you have your gown (we do get many brides that drive their look from the veil) then the possibilities are endless. Your only defining factor is your locale, but even those sensibilities are considerably more relaxed than years ago as brides today are more independent and personal in their approach.

If you have your gown, then finding a veil or headpiece that represents your vision while elevating and respecting the direction of your gown is the general approach. As we don’t stock anything and everything is custom made, we can truly create the most compelling and eloquent expression of your vision.

In the end, the right veil will transform your gown. As we like to say, the dress makes the wedding, but it is the veil that makes the bride!


You cannot order directly online at the moment. We developed our consultation program to maximize a bride’s results while making things as convenient as possible. We believe a bride is best served through this experience… one that fully supports her in her search for the perfect accessory.
Regarding manufacturing, we like to have at least three months to ensure adequate time to produce the lace and create the veil, although we are famous for being able to make miracles happen when required.
We can ship anywhere in the world where Fedex or UPS deliver.
We require a 50% deposit at order confirmation and the remaining balance upon delivery. We accept all credit cards through online payment. We also accept bank transfers.
As each accessory is custom made for each individual client, we do not accept returns. We firmly stand behind our product and can proudly say that we’ve never had a veil or headpiece presented for return/exchange. Should a client not be completely satisfied, we’ll look to make it right. Our brides are everything to us and we take their happiness to heart.
Truly fine Chantilly, silks and tulle do better without much intervention. Delicately spot clean and stay away from dry cleaning chemicals if possible. Long term storage is best done with an archival approach. Simply wrap your veil in acid free tissue, place in an acid free and lignin-free box and then enclose in an impermeable casing. Be sure to store it in a climate-controlled space… you’ll be set for generations to come.


No, not at all. Although, if you don’t wear one now, when will you? There are plenty of opportunities to switch up your bridal look throughout your wedding day, so one should keep that in mind. Many of our brides will wear a veil and then one of our headpieces during the reception… for another couture, yet completely different look. Also, for those who think they don’t want a veil, I would just suggest trying on a few before forgoing this symbolic and deeply moving accessory. With a veil there is much more at play than just the accessory as dressing. A bridal veil is interactive and belongs to more than just the wearer. It celebrates human interconnection in the most profound of ways. The father of bride, the groom, the mother, sister or bridesmaid who has placed it on her head earlier… the entire bridal arc from start to finish has these special moments that are driven by a veil. And as for the aesthetics, well, just ask any photographer. The veil shots are truly remarkable in their visual capacity and tend to instigate the most meaningful of moments. It’s in this manner of creating deeply powerful interactions of meaning and beauty that a veil has no equal. From devastatingly beautiful to beyond unforgettable, we would argue that a couture bridal veil is one of the most compelling and transformative accessories that we have in fashion.
We’ve had some very high fashion brides who paired the most unexpected garments with a cathedral veil to stunning results. We’ve even seen Le Smoking under a cathedral. Hands down… absolutely divine.
We have five shades of ivory tulle, a pale golden beige and an exquisite blush. A precious ivory Chantilly on an ivory tulle is beautiful. But place that same lace on a blushed tulle and it becomes something else altogether. And our custom laces run the gamut from ivories to pale golds, gilded champagnes and pewters, and hushed tones of blues and rose. We even have the most sophisticated shade of navy woven with a soft gold thread. And then of course, black. Can’t not have a great black lace veil option!
This is becoming an outdated concept. Brides are expressing themselves in a truly personal fashion, especially with the unprecedented pandemic related disruption. If they have always wanted to wear a chic silk crepe shift with a fingertip veil and be married in a castle, then so be it. It will be perfect. Wear that cathedral on the beach or at City Hall… it’s bring the house down fabulous. Real style is unapologetic and uncompromising. Edit, strive for quality and be true to oneself.
Never underestimate how much you will be seen from behind. You can create the most magnificent style with a veil cascading down your back and beyond. As you walk you’ll leave behind this breathtaking wake of elegance and drama. It’s all about what happens from the comb on back.
An heirloom veil will accommodate all forms of embellishment and hair as it softly drapes over everything flawlessly. We’ve seen hair jewelry, flowers, headbands, crowns and nothing at all… the results are always sublime. Couture fabrications will fall exquisitely no matter what you do with your stylist. So, approach hair and makeup with confidence as anything you do will be elevated by a bespoke veil that impeccably flows over any hairstyle and adapts to any look.
We can’t overstate quality. Better to have a raw cut veil in the finest tulle than an embellished veil that uses a lesser quality.
Don’t leave your veil until the last moment. Some of the most exquisite looks have actually started with the veil! We’ve had many brides who come to us before buying their gown. It is a significant point of differentiation from how most approach bridal dressing. And it is on the rise as more brides are realizing that the options are endless when it comes to the dress. It is the symbolic veil that has become their real focus… their statement.
We use the finest Chantilly out of France. Beading and embroidery aren’t necessarily the hallmarks of high quality… that is often reserved for laces of lesser qualities. Let the fine silk organza, custom blended tulle and extraordinary laces stand on their own. The real beauty is evidenced in the threads and weave. It’s about the purity and authenticity of textile heritage.
This is your fashion moment… don’t worry about the veil wearing you. A very fine veil shouldn’t overpower. Height affects the length of the blusher, but not the length of the veil. A petite woman can easily wear a cathedral and a tall woman can wear elbow length. Choose a veil that completes your statement. Or go the other route and be fearless in French couture. Adorned in a strikingly gorgeous headpiece, you’ll have others coveting your singular style.

Just be resolute in this one promise: to curate the composite of your total look with an accessory that speaks to your dreams. You will create the quintessential fashion moment on the most important day of your life.


We work with brides from around the world. Whether you are able to schedule a viewing at our New York Atelier or prefer a phone consult, we are here to assist.

This is your moment, your season of the heart. Create a bespoke accessory and be the unforgettable bride who frames every memory in a singular heirloom veil or headpiece that will enchant for generations to come.

Explore the possibilities and connect with Monvieve now.

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