A Monvieve heirloom bridal veil is a consummate piece of living heritage meant to be passed through the generations. It is a couture accessory that also takes center stage in the circular economy by supporting the health of our planet.

All collections are fully made by hand and deeply rooted in the principles of slow fashion. Each piece is made to order and requires numerous hours to complete. We champion the bespoke processes found in the rich design cultures of Made in Italy and Made in France and have a profound respect for our artisans. We also work directly with innovative mills that provide the highest environmental and transparency standards to eliminate dangerous chemicals from the fashion supply chain.

At Monvieve we feel a moral responsibility to fully integrate sustainability values in our production and have partnered with the National Forest Foundation to offset the carbon footprint of transporting your veil from our factory in Italy to you. For every veil that we sell we plant a tree. It’s a hallmark of our commitment to sustainability and our climate pledge to you.

One veil. One tree. Our promise.


We work with brides from around the world. Whether you are able to schedule a viewing at our New York Atelier or prefer a phone consult, we are here to assist.

This is your moment, your season of the heart. Create a bespoke accessory and be the unforgettable bride who frames every memory in a singular heirloom veil or headpiece that will enchant for generations to come.

Explore the possibilities and connect with Monvieve now.

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